Fixed function pipeline replacement infrastructure follow up

Stefan Dösinger stefan at
Sun Mar 9 14:15:19 CDT 2008


As a follow up to the mail from last Sunday I now have a concrete 
implementation suggestion for an infrastructure for a fixed function pipeline 

What it mainly does is that it makes the state table a property of the shader 
backend, as well as the shader caps to keep GetDeviceCaps simpler. It also 
adds rudimentary functions for comparing the fixed function fragment 
processing settings. As an example implementation, the patchset is 
constructed around a fragment pipeline implementation using 

What is missing is dealing with vertex states, Henri has some code for that 
already. The data structure and comparison of pipeline states needs 
optimization. The already existing pipeline replacement using 
GL_NV_register_combiners and GL_NV_texture_shader should be moved into a 
separate shader backend. And obviously an implementation of vertex and 
fragment pipeline using ARB shaders and GLSL(that could be done as a gsoc 
project maybe)

The GL_ATI_fragment_shader code is constructed bottom-up, so if the patches 
are applied as-is, it will lead to a temporary regression on ATI cards. 
Inverting this would be a major pain, so when sending it in I'll keep the 
extension disabled in patch 1, and enable it in a final last patch.

The GL_NV_* stuff will work a bit different than atifs, arb and glsl, since we 
can configure all texture stages individually, so a stored program and state 
comparison is not needed. Instead we can keep the set_tex_op as it is, but 
the if(GL_SUPPORTED(...)) checks and related nastiness can be factored out. 
Maybe we can also get rid of setting up the texunit map every draw in some 
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