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Thu Mar 13 12:11:48 CDT 2008

MammothTruk wrote:
> I read the WineHQ newsletters when they come out to try and keep up on 
> the goings on of Wine and what will run on it.  I noticed that the 
> Wsock32.dll was suggested as a SoC project.  I wanted to point out 
> that Vista X64 has issues with this dll and some of the newer programs 
> arent accessing it right.  This could be a really good project to take 
> on for someone as it would give people that are having issues with 
> Vista to use Wine.
> I also thought that possible control panel rewriting so that it looks 
> better would be a good project.  Make it more user friendly.  Easier 
> to access.  My descriptions of what things do on each tab.  Just an 
> overall nice,easy,good looking control panel would be really helpful 
> to first time users.  the current winecfg looks like crap and isnt at 
> all user friendly to the first time user.  I was a first time users a 
> year ago and I still dont understand half of the control panel.
> Wine Plugin project might be really useful too.  It would help 
> companies that cant afford or wont make direct linux ports to have 
> some kind of ability to get their porgrams working without official 
> linux support.
> The three things listed above all come from me playing NeverWinter 
> Nights 2.  OEI wont make a linux port but have been pretty supportive 
> of Wine in their forums on bioware.  .NET is also something needed to 
> get the toolset working, but I thought that was a little big for a 2-3 
> month project.
> Supporter,
> Nicholas "MammothTruk" Baldwin
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> Lifes to Short.  Stop wasting your time.
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I'm going to be applying for GSoC this year, for the mswsock dll 
mentioned in this e-mail. I've been working on it pretty part time for 
about week, and with wine as a whole for about 1 month,  I think I can 
handle it. I heard it was a good idea to post and let people know if one 
is interested in GSoC, so here is my post.
I've had a few ideas that I thought of on my own, but now I'm starting 
to see they perhaps aren't as useful as the ideas thought of by current 
developers, but I'll float it out there one last time. I thought it 
would be cool to create a wine GUI overlay for games, exactly like 
nvPerfHUD. The thing about doing it in wine that makes it better than 
nvPerHUD is the fact the to use nvPerfHUD the apps have to give 
permission for nvPerHUD to run on them. A wine version would actually be 
able to force every single 3d app, opengl or directX to output nvPerfHUD 
like output. Anyway, just a thought. Would I be able to apply for both 
of these projects and pick one last minute?

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