wine's very own control panel applets?

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Mon Mar 17 02:53:53 CDT 2008

On Monday 17 March 2008 09:30:33 am you wrote:
> <pure_evil at> wrote:
> > I'm not sure how changing the decimal (in the example case) on linux
> > would affect the linux apps themselves - will I have to switch it back
> > and forth if another, linux app demands it to be ',' whilst the windows
> > one wants a dot. (sorry if the question is somewhat stupid, still
> > adapting, trying to get the windows way of thinking out of me head).
> How about setting preferred values in ~/.wine/user.reg, under [Control
> Panel\International] using your favourite text editor?

LoL in my particular case, I did all 3 things on all the 
install/reinstall/uninstall cases I had trying to get that app to work /it 
requires Bulgarian language, it uses MDAC, it has a MSSQL2005 server backend, 
it needs that dot, some part is Tahoma font, others are, well, just about any 
font you can imagine, I know the man who wrote it, his moto is: "allways new 
stuff, always microsoft" /OMG is he really gonna go VISTA in a year or 
two?! /, IT'S THE APP FROM HELL!!!!... And there's no substitute :( /
I copied intl.cpl, went regedit, and, used vi on the reg. All 3 worked, but I 
was thinking in the lines of, will a regular user be happy with any of the 
three options should he encounter such a monstrosity, or, a different 
monstrosity which requires a different cpl.

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