Version of Windows

Robert Shearman rob at
Wed Mar 19 07:36:04 CDT 2008

Chris Teague wrote:
> This is probably trivial, but I'm having a tough time figuring out the
> current version of Windows that Wine is mimicking.  I have a situation
> where I need to behave differently if the version is NT (0x0500)
> versus when it is XP (0x0600).  I see the WINVER #define, but that
> doesn't seem right to me since this must be a runtime variable.  Can
> someone point me at an example of how to tell what the current version
> of Windows is?  Thanks,

Errm, GetVersion()?

If you're a developer for a Windows application it is a much better 
policy to check for features rather than checking the Windows version, 
since that feature may be implemented in a later service pack for that 
version of Windows.

Rob Shearman

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