Re: Regression introduced with one old Dösinger's commit

Milan Kostić smoki00790 at
Mon Mar 24 05:20:38 CDT 2008

 Sorry Stefan but i'm prety new with Wine and for now don't understand
many things:(, i'm test games for now and don't know how to test tests
with wined3d.
 I tried to not remove any code from v0.9.58 utils.c, i'm just add
mat[12] = mat[8] and mat[13] = mat[9] like this:

    } else { /* under directx the R/Z coord can be used for
translation, under opengl we use the Q coord instead */
	mat[12] = mat[8];
	mat[13] = mat[9];
        if(!calculatedCoords) {
            switch(coordtype) {
                case WINED3DDECLTYPE_FLOAT1:

 With that water flowing and portals also works good for me.

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