DLL exports... HELP?!

Roderick Colenbrander thunderbird2k at gmx.net
Wed Mar 26 05:39:39 CDT 2008

If you build a wine dll inside the wine source tree we use gcc in combination with some wine magic for compilation. Exporting of functions in that case happens through a '.spec' file.

When you want to work outside the wine tree (as it can be more convenient) you could also use 'winegcc' for building a library. It will handle all the magic for you.


>    Folks, I've been trying to make a bunch of control panel applets  
> for wine for some time now.
>    a CPL is basically a DLL which (the most importnat part) exports a  
> function called "CPlApplet"; Without it, the cpl isn't worth a thing.  
> It is the presence of that export which basically identifies it as a  
> control panel applet.
>    Indeed, opening a random .cpl with dllexp yields:
>    Function: CPlApplet  Address: 0x0041b604 Relative Address:  
> 0x0041b604 Ordinal 1 (0x1) Filename: intl.cpl
>    This one is from the cpl I wrote some time ago in Delphi, and it's  
> the same with all other 'doze cpls. I'm working on porting it to C and  
> wine, but that export is really getting the best of me.
>    However, dllexp doesn't detect _any_ DLL exports in wine's .dlls,  
> so I'm stuck without a template :( Am I missing something? (A simple  
> *hello world* dll source that compiles against wine's source and  
> exports ANY function would be greatly appreciated)
>    Thanks in advance,
>    Stefanov.
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