Wine 1.0 status: T minus 68 days. 73 open bugs.

Michael Stefaniuc mstefani at
Sun Mar 30 15:20:06 CDT 2008

Reece Dunn wrote:
> On 30/03/2008, Michael Stefaniuc <mstefani at> wrote:
>> Dan Kegel wrote:
>>  > 40 days to code freeze.
>>  >
>>> 12097         -unknown        2       Wine 1.0 should not ship out-of-sync resource translations
>> This bug can be closed only after Wine 1.0 ships. There are a lot of
>>  changes/cleanups at the moment that constantly break the translations.
> There should also be a resource freeze, during which only translators
> can modify the resources (i.e. no En.rc changes) to give them a chance
> to translate them.
> Should this be done before the code freeze, or is the time during code
> freeze enough for the translations?
Code freeze should be enough. It's not so much about having everything
translated but more with having correct rc files. If somebody needs to
change an En.rc during code freeze he needs to update also the
translation rc files to keep them in sync (aka no missing menu or dialog
items, etc.).

See Mikolaj's page for broken rc files:


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