ws2_32 janitorial questions

Juan Lang juan.lang at
Sun Mar 30 23:08:13 CDT 2008

>  ws2_32/async.c has the following global declarations:
>  /* protoptypes of some functions in socket.c
>   */
>  UINT16 wsaErrno(void);
>  UINT16 wsaHerrno(int errnr);
>  ws2_32/socket.c has the following global declarations:
>  UINT wsaErrno(void);
>  UINT wsaHerrno(int errnr);
>  Where are these functions defined? And, assuming that the above are
>  conflicting declarations, what type does each of these functions actually
>  return?


They return UINTs.  The return types don't conflict if compiled with a
32-bit compiler, but the one in async.c at least looks incorrect.

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