Some considerations about the Wine FUSE project for GSoC

Marc Andre Tanner mat at
Mon Mar 31 08:30:17 CDT 2008

Kai Blin wrote:
> Hi folks,
> after another chat about Wine's goals in respect to FUSE file systems on IRC, 
> I just wanted to point the students who applied for this project already 
> (I've Bcced them) at the goals Wine has for this GSoC project.
> For Wine, the goal is to create prototype FUSE file systems so we can figure 
> out if this approach is useful to Wine at all. There is no immediate goal to 
> include the file systems into Wine in the near future, we first want to know 
> if they're what we need.

First, I haven't yet applied for the project mainly because i will
probably not be able to work full time on a GSoC project due to real
life issues (part time job, family related things etc). On the other
hand I doubt that it will require ~3 months to implement, I have done
my prototype over more or less a weekend.

I miss the technical discussion on how the problem should be solved. I
think the idea of keeping the original filename in an extended attribute
and storing everything in lower case is a pretty good one. Andrew
Tridgell also listed it on one of his slides from  WineConf05 [1]. I
prototyped something and thought this way I would at least get some
feedback (after all "Talk is cheap. Show me the code." is common
practice in the open source world). But this wasn't really the
case, so i am still wondering what should be done differently?


[1] (page 18)

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