Vehicle for minor bugs?

Andrew Talbot Andrew.Talbot at
Mon May 5 10:31:40 CDT 2008


Frequently, I am finding minor bugs that I probably cannot fix myself, that
are probably not suitable for a Bugzilla bug report and that are likely to
be ignored if posted to wine-devel (witness my current postings: "XBOOL,
XBYTE, XINT8, etc." and "Five functions that cannot handle a NULL
parameter", and apologies if you are feverishly working on replies or
patches for either of these ;) ). For an explicit example - from the later
posting - I know that one should be able to call LookupPrivilegeNameW()
with its optional "lpName" parameter given a NULL pointer argument, as
indeed we do ourselves in advapi32/security:line 1760, but we pass this
down, within our rendition of this function, as the first argument to
strcpyW() (on line 1852). This is clearly a bug and it seems not to have
been spotted by Coverity. The patch I sent for this would appear to have
been inadequate, so it would be good if I could flag this bug up on a
janitorial page somewhere, perhaps categorized by dll, so that the advapi32
experts (in this case) could occasionally browse for such things. What do
people think?



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