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You should send one patch for one implementation of a function, not one patch for all the functions.
Moreover, you should keep the style of the file. The semi-colon ; is placed just after the parenthesis ) not like this: ) ;


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I did several patches about D3DXMAtrixStack. All were uncorrect.

The idea of Henri to implement it is this one:
it is very time -comsumming to allocate or to free memory. So one needs to do that as less as possible.

So, we start with a stack with predefined size. When the stack is full, one multiplies by 2 its size. When one releases items enough of the stack, one divides its size by 2.

Here are patches that implemented that idea.

When looking at your patch, I saw that in my patch, in the D3dxMatrixstackImpl_release function, I do not free the memory of the array of matrix. It should be done.

In the tests patch, I did not check if d3dxmatrixstackcreate fails. If it fails, tests should be skipped. At the end of the test, I did not call the _Release function. It should be done too.

Maybe, you should use these patches
 and try to improve them.

All the tests passed on my Windows XP box.



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