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Ben Klein shacklein at
Sun Nov 9 18:45:59 CST 2008

Hi guys,

I'm a regular volunteer in the #winehq IRC channel (man_in_shack). Some of
you may know me :) I also maintain a few applications on AppDB and have had
a couple of bugs found and fixed via bugzilla posts.

I've been building Wine packages for my Debian systems for a while and now
I've written myself some helper scripts to make the task trivial :) I build
both amd64 and i386 packages.

I'd like to request that I take over Scott Ritchie's position as maintainer
for the winehq Debian packages as he seems to have all but abandoned Debian
package building. I have the following caveats:
1) I don't have a suitable place to upload the packages (in terms of
bandwidth restrictions)
2) At the moment, I'm not sure if the packages are suitable for an apt
repository, as I don't have proper Changelogs or source packages. I'm not
entirely sure what I'd need to do for this, so help would be appreciated
3) I'm fully set up to produce etch packages (Scott's packages aren't
etch-compatible any more) as well as packages for lenny and sid
4) I'm not asking to take over Ubuntu package building (Scott seems to be
good at this, and I don't have nor want an Ubuntu system)
5) I can be *very* quick to produce packages, as in the day after release
(or even building packages from non-release revisions in git if required)

Involvement in wine is fun!


Ben Klein
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