msxml3: Determine whether to call xsltInit() or not at run time.

Michael Karcher wine at
Mon Nov 17 08:37:53 CST 2008

Am Montag, den 17.11.2008, 15:09 +0100 schrieb Francois Gouget:
> configure will need to be regenerated. I did not include it here since  
> the consensus seems to be that it should not be included.
Just a nitpick: Same applies for, then.

> As a reminder, the issue is that it's not because the we
> compile against has xlstInit() that the one we load at runtime will have
> it too. And vice versa.
Wait a moment. I don't know about Wine's dl* functions, but can't we use
dlsym with the RTLD_DEFAULT handle to look in the libxslt
is linked with anyway? That would do away with the need to know the
soname during compilation. As it is hardcoded into the executable during
link, hard-coding the soname doesn't hurt that much too, but still it
gets simpler

  Michael Karcher

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