Detecting Wine

Scott Ritchie scott at
Thu Oct 2 15:17:11 CDT 2008

Markus Hitter wrote:
> Am 30.09.2008 um 12:55 schrieb Eric Pouech:
>> Your design is wrong IMO. You don't handle reparse points at all;  
>> you only
>> rely on the nature of a drive, which isn't sufficient in most  
>> cases. See
>> mounting volumes for example where you can mount a whole volume  
>> anywhere in
>> an NTFS partition.
>> The correct fix would be to:
>> - ensure your code handles those cases correctly (which it doesn't)
>> - ensure that wine returns the correct relevant information for remote
>> mounted FS (which I'm pretty sure sure it's not done today)
> A reasonable 99% shortcut would probably be to parse C: only. This  
> should be sufficient for almost all users, especially the clueless  
> ones, on Wine as well as on Windows.
> MarKus

As long as the scan can be canceled, that should cover just about every
use case.  Clueless users let it work, clueful users know to cancel it
because it's looping with their reparse points in C:\ and never getting
to D:\

Scott Ritchie

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