[PATCH 4/4] jscript: Added possibility to run test scripts from file.

winepatches at kegel.com winepatches at kegel.com
Thu Oct 2 15:22:48 CDT 2008

> With this patch it's possible to test scripts by running
> wine jscript_test.exe.so run <file_name>
> Although it's not what Wine tests are for, it proved to be very useful
> for me.

That's the second time in the last couple days that
your patches confused patchwatcher's patch series

You resent patch 4/4 from a different series, and
patchwatcher took that other 4/4 and used it in place
of this one, leaving this patch as a stuck singleton.

1) never send two series of the same length on the same day
(This confuses even humans.)

2) never partially resend patch series, always resend the whole series.
(Eventually patchwatcher will handle this better.)

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