Launching a Linux Executable from a Windows app Running under Wine

Mike Engelhardt mike.engelhardt at
Tue Sep 9 11:56:00 CDT 2008


> On Tue, Sep 9, 2008 at 11:24 AM, Mike Engelhardt
> <mike.engelhardt at> wrote:
>> Is there a supported/recommended manner of launching
>> an X Window System executable with Linux absolute
>> path arguments from a MS Windows application running
>> under Linux & WINE?
> There is a script to invoke native apps that have a windows
> association. I don't know if this will really work the way you want.
> If you expect to be able to just click on help and have it invoke xchm
> for chm files, then no but if there is a windows association set and
> your application tries to open the file using the association method,
> like say you have pdf files registered using xpdf and IE tries to Open
> the pdf, then yes it will work.

I'm do not want to change global associations, I just
want a way to launch a Linux executable from a Windows
program.  Right now, I've written the Windows app to
do this:

   char XchmViewer[MAX_PATH] = "Z:\\usr\\bin\\xchm";
   sprintf(cmd, "%s %s", XchmViewer, helpfilepath);

Where the helpfilepath is computed to outsmart WINE
trying to outsmart Windows.  I also don't like that
I have to use a path like "Z:\\usr\\bin\\xchm" to
invoke /usr/bin/xchm since my app should not need to
know what the drive letters are.

Since I'm the one writing the Windows app, I would like
to be able to launch a better native Linux app to launch
than WINE's .chm viewer.


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