General Questions

Scott Lindeneau slindeneau at
Mon Sep 15 11:01:08 CDT 2008

I haven't had time to work on the AcceptEx patch since the last time I
submitted it to wine-patches. I still cannot reproduce the bug's
patchwatcher indicated but I had a few questions regarding the whole
process. When I finally get the patches to pass the patchwatcher
regression test, is there anyway for me to know what is going on with
the patch. Is Juilliard looking at them? Are they rejected? How long
does the patch review process take? Is it just Julliard doing them?

In regards to the AcceptEx patch in particular:
I know that there is extra attention paid to patches that modify the
wineserver. Should I spend extra time writing a discussion as to the
reasons why I felt the modifications needed to take place within the
With the AcceptEx patch I kind of just plowed ahead and did what I
thought needed to be done to make the functions work. Should I spend
more time discussing what I intend to do in the patches with someone
else before submitting them? Is someone willing to do this peer review
with me? (Note: I don't have a lot of time to program).

And lastly: Am I doing anything wrong (in general. not simply in
coding)? I don't know how these internet based, user based systems
work. I've never tried working with one before. Is there anything else
someone wants me to work on?


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