drawprim.c and my last patchwatcher failure and question

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Tue Sep 16 15:03:03 CDT 2008

Ok I went back blew away my git tree and got the latest one out there...
I then did one patch apply using one of my patches... and started rethinking the way
I was doing? drawStridedSlow. Looking further into the code I found there was another 
function further down that did the switch but it was for another shader type not the one 
I am working on... it uses glVertexAttrib4svARB instead of glMultiTexCoord4NsvARB.
So I created a new inline function like the other (dont think it should be a inline but 
following the other convention). 

Now here is the question... 

In looking in drawprim in the function drawStridedSlow I came across this :

??????????????? int??? coordIdx = This->stateBlock->textureState[textureNo][WINED3DTSS_TEXCOORDINDEX];
??????????????? int texture_idx = This->texUnitMap[textureNo];
??????????????? float *ptrToCoords = NULL;
??????????????? float? s = 0.0, t = 0.0, r = 0.0, q = 0.0;

??????????????? if (coordIdx > 7) {
??????????????????? VTRACE(("tex: %d - Skip tex coords, as being system generated\n", textureNo));
??????????????????? continue;
??????????????? } else if (coordIdx < 0) {
??????????????????? FIXME("tex: %d - Coord index %d is less than zero, expect a crash.\n", textureNo, coordIdx);
??????????????????? continue;
??????????????? }

And as far as I can tell from that code it limits the total number texture coordinates to
8 max. I cant find anywhere in the dx9 docs where it says that it is a hard limit. I do 
see that it is based more on the video card limit than anything else... 

So the question is do we need this? If so why? so I understand...if not should I remove
as part off this patch or submit it as another?

Next Question :

Once I finish the texture patch I am working on do I do a git commit of the patch then 
a git refresh of the tree before I do the patch export to send in? or whats the process
so I dont get the messed up tree like I had before...

Thanks Guys

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