wined3d: Convert between A8R8G8B8 and X8R8G8B8

Kjell Rune Skaaraas kjella79 at
Tue Sep 30 05:50:43 CDT 2008

Henri Verbeet wrote:

>2008/9/29 Kjell Rune Skaaraas <kjella79 at>:
>> Hello,
>> A simple patch which adds converting between A8R8G8B8 and X8R8G8B8 that
>> gives me one less warning to deal with while trying to make a game function.
>> It zeroes out the alpha channel to be on the safe side, though it should
>> never be used in the destination format anyway.
>What does this fix, in practice?

A D3D surface is being converted from A8R8G8B8 to X8R8G8B8 and wine warns that there is no conversion function, so I added it. In practise it doesn't matter because the RGB parts are still valid, so nothing should change unless any app uses the X8 bits = unused. Just fixed a warning and was the right skill level for my first wine patch. I'm working on one that does a little more real work now.


Kjell Rune

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