User forum thread: "how can we improve WINE?"

Warren Dumortier nwarrenfl at
Sun Apr 5 11:27:14 CDT 2009

Here's what i done for now:

Before continuing, i would like to know if it is acceptable?
Sorry is in french, but "Options avancées" means "Advanced options". A
dialog will then pop up and let the user choose advanced options (video
memory size, rendering mode...).

I do not find how to create a dialog with the callback, but i'll find! ;)
Also, someone knows how to launch wine in another language? (System var?).

2009/4/5 David Gerard <dgerard at>

> Some highly impractical ideas, but certainly having the users throw
> ideas around should inspire wine-devel (and Codeweavers) :-)
> - d.
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