Changing the language that wine runs in (testing language versions of dialogs)

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On Tue, Apr 21, 2009 at 08:26:53AM +0100, Reece Dunn wrote:
> Hi,

> Looking at, it has
> winecfg from wine 1.1.19 running in Spanish. The screenshot shows that
> the static text is wrapped over 4 lines, but the text is clipped
> (should be 8x4 dlus high). This is not the issue reported there, but I
> would like to fix it and improve the layout.

> So, how do I change locale? Especially from a just-built version of Wine.

> I have tried:
>     LANG=es ./wine winecfg
>     LANG=es.UTF-8 ./wine winecfg
>     LC_ALL=es ./wine winecfg
>     LC_ALL=es.UTF-8 ./wine winecfg
> and
>     export LANG=es && ./wine winecfg
> variants.

For me, LC_CTYPE=ja_JP.utf8 switches Wine to operate with Japanese
codepage for font rendering and selection.

See dlls/kernel32/locale.c for general POSIX locale to codepage mapping,
and gdi32/freetype.c for nls_update_font_list which maps code pages
to fonts for the Windows UI fonts which vary between countries.

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