Romanian translation

Jerome Leclanche adys.wh at
Sun Apr 26 19:41:09 CDT 2009

I'm pretty sure you should adapt Windows terminology. That's what's
being done with other languages, AFAIK.

2009/4/26 Dimitriu Petru <petrimetri at>:
> Good day. I'm a Romanian ReactOS translator. (For those who don't
> know, ReactOS is an operating system which seeks to be 100% compatible
> and similar to Windows NT.) Many translations from Wine are passed to
> the ReactOS project when synchronizing the source code.
> That leads to the fact that I can't directly translate and/or update
> any translation of ReactOS files that are in sync with Wine. Some
> translations are already done here on the Wine project but some of
> them are wrong (For example Basic colours is translated incorrectly as
> Culori de basă when the correct translation is Culori de bază), others
> don't fit with the rest of the translations (The translations of
> ReactOS should retain the terminology used in Windows. In Windows,
> Cancel is translated to Revocare, in Wine the translation is Renunţă
> which is the imperative form of the verb a renunţa - to give up).
> I was told I should speak to you if I want to change these
> translations but the problem is that many Linux distributions are
> translated in Romanian using Renunţă as Cancel etc and if I try to
> change the translation in Wine, then the Romanian Linux-users will
> strongly disagree ...
> Now that's a problem! What do you suggest I should do?


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