The DIB engine... does anyone know how to get it into Wine?

Massimo Del Fedele max at
Tue Apr 28 12:48:20 CDT 2009

Roderick Colenbrander ha scritto:

> We shouldn't introduce a temporary driver.

Why ?

  I can't speak for Alexandre
> but I think he would prefer to let winex11.drv not directly touch DIBs
> and move it to gdi32

Me too

  and I guess in a second step also move the
> conversion code over to gdi32

agree too

  and work with some capability flags
> which the display driver uses to tell whether it can render at a
> certain depth or not. Depending on that gdi32 should execute the
> current conversion code.


  In a next step the DIB engine can be added.
which next step ? then you'd already have the engine :-)

> Roderick


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