kernel32: Send exception information to winedbg for display in the crash dialog

Alexandre Julliard julliard at
Wed Apr 29 15:19:01 CDT 2009

Paul Chitescu <paulc at> writes:

> True, but that would mean replicating the code in except.c 
> format_exception_msg(). Getting the two pieces of code out of sync would 
> cause user confusion as some will report the string displayed in the crash 
> window while others will report the message from start_debugger().

I don't think that's a problem at all. Plus to do this right you need
the real info, not just a string. For instance we most likely want a
completely different message box for stub exceptions, we don't want a
dialog at all for ^C, etc.

And if we handle these meaningful exceptions properly, I doubt we want
to show anything more in the default dialog. Users don't need to know if
the exception was a page fault or an illegal instruction. We can of
course have a "show details" button that shows the whole backtrace info.

> I have also concerns about the message box that is displayed inside 
> start_debugger() if the debugger is not to be started automatically - is it 
> safe to assume the process is still capable to run the message loop for the 
> window?

No, of course it doesn't always work, but even simply starting the
debugger cannot always work either, there's nothing we can do about

Alexandre Julliard
julliard at

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