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Here I just want to tell you that if a user uses an old driver that we don't support querying total memory will lead to vidmem = 0, that is unexpected, so we should have a check.

It doesn't matter that the total memory is not documented, as long as it can tell you the true value.

And for the old card that doesn't support ATI_meminfo can still go the fall back path.

I think the biggest benefit from using this extension is that you don't have to update the vidmem list for newly realeased ATI cards, and you can get the correct amount of video memory for the same render string but with different video memory (eg: HD4870 may have 1GB memory or only 512MB memory)




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Am Friday 14 August 2009 18:01:07 schrieb Sun, Sunny:

> +        if(gl_info->vidmem < 64 * 1024 * 1024)

> +            gl_info->vidmem = 64 * 1024 * 1024;

I guess the idea is that no ATI card that was ever supported on fglrx has less 

than 64 mb of memory? My old radeon 9000, which isn't supported by fglrx 

since years now has 64 MB. Does this hold true for radeon 8500 cards too?


I think I'll use the guessed amount of vidmem in this case instead of 

hardcoding 64 MB.


Using the undocumented value and the check for older drivers which don't 

support it is a bit hacky, but its a well-isolated hack and avoids a lot of 

problems, so it should be ok.


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