Regressions when running WoW

Austin English austinenglish at
Sat Aug 22 16:17:23 CDT 2009

On Fri, Aug 21, 2009 at 11:17 PM, F Capela<fabio.capela at> wrote:
> I use Wine mostly to play World of Warcraft and I've had a regression in World of Warcraft (when running fullscreen inside a virtual desktop and using the opengl renderer) with patches from the last two weeks:
> - Patch 12d1ff8ef6c34533a20008f4cfeb73ee4c601a5d (winex11: Add handling of take focus event on the desktop window.) makes the fullscreen WoW inside the virtual desktop window lose focus when the mouse cursor returns to the virtual desktop window; as a consequence, WoW will minimize inside the virtual desktop whenever the mouse cursor leaves and then returns to the virtual desktop window. For some reason this does not happen if I use the DirectX renderer, only with the OpenGL one.
> - When the previous patch is reversed, patch e3720c2810dda3895d6734c55117b0a355223b1a (winex11: Use the
> Globally Active focus model with take focus.) makes the virtual desktop
> window unable to receive keyboard focus unless it is the only open window, and
> even then it's decoration will behave as if it hadn't focus. Mouse works fine.
> This is happening with the current vanilla git; with both above patches reversed the problem disappear.
> Not sure if this is important, but I'm using Kubuntu 9.04 with KDE 4.3 from the backports repository.

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