configure: Detect and use tools executable extensions for makefiles.

Alexandre Julliard julliard at
Thu Aug 27 10:03:40 CDT 2009

Dylan Smith <dylan.ah.smith at> writes:

> There is no problem with running something with an exe suffix, it is
> the Makefile rules that are causing the trouble.
> For instance, when building a program, this seems to be invoked:
> $ gcc   ../../tools/wrc/wrc.o   -o ../../tools/wrc/wrc
> which naturally leads to undefined functions from this type of linking.
> This seems to be caused by the rules:
> $(RC_SRCS:.rc=.res) $( $(RC_SRCS16:.rc=.res): $(WRC)
> that originates from
> If this is a regression, then maybe this should be approached
> differently to return the old behaviour.

I see. I don't think it's a regression. Your approach should work,
except the bit about guessing the extension depending on the existence
of the files should be improved.

> Similarly my other patch wasn't created because of a problem with
> running an .exe, it was the problems with explicit checks for
> executable file:
> winegcc: Find winebuild.exe instead of winebuild on windows.
> Perhaps the checks in the winegcc's spawn function are the problem in
> this case, and should be removed or enhanced to deal with this case.

Yes, I have some fixes for that.

Alexandre Julliard
julliard at

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