wine rejects development (Mouse "escapes" window or is confined to an area in the full screen program NO HACKS PLEASE)

Vitaliy Margolen wine-devel at
Mon Dec 7 08:41:26 CST 2009

Peter Kovacs wrote:
> Now Vitaliy Margolen actively stopped the
> maintenance of this workarounds (in the bug called dirty hacks.), by
> marking the patches obsolete and changing title.
Yes, tried to, of course I can't stop anyone from hacking and posting their
work, even on the same bug. All I can do is ask not to.

I did this because all of those workarounds (with exception of few) done by
 people, who don't understand the entire scope of the problem. They've
touched (and broke) parts of DInput that have nothing to do with the
problem. I've already seen several invalid bug reports that were caused by
some of this hacks.

> Just stopping people to write hacks, dirty or not
> will stop people reaching in more and more patches. This sole incident
> wont have an effect on hole development but most bugs I followed started
> with a dirty hack. And this is definitely giving the wrong impression on
> wine.
All of those hacks going the wrong direction. They are not solving a problem
with exception of 1-2 patches which proposed solutions rejected by Alexandre.

> 1) I Xorg may implement the Problem or may not. Maybe they are even not
> aware(? - Haven't took a look) The Bug-tracking in wine does not contain
> a Link to the Bug-tracking in Xorg.
Yes they do, it's called XI2.

> 2) I am betting wine - Dev has no one working on the Bug actively.
You probably right. However there were some preliminary patches for initial
version(s) of Xi2. Now since it's been official part of Xorg 7.5 work can

> So how can we get a proper Fix or point people towards proper fixes?
Make Wine use Xi2 (I'm already working on it). Hopefully will have something
 available before holidays.

> Is it right to have no Dirty Hack solution which just works?
Then those hacks called proper patches. But they have to work for
everything. A "Dirty Hack" is something that avoids a problem for one set of
apps and totally breaks things for everything else.


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