wine rejects development (Mouse "escapes" window or is confined to an area in the full screen program NO HACKS PLEASE)

Peter Kovacs legine at
Mon Dec 7 01:18:16 CST 2009

Hi there,

I want to bring this Issue up in Development Mailinglist. This proplem is about a bug that cant be fixed within wine, and The Bugtracker doesnt help it. I think this Bug is at the moment an Epic Fail of Open Source Development.
(And needs to be solved so we get a accepted Fix somewhere someday) The Bug is Deadlocked.

The Problem is in this Bug roughly spoken that in some games the Mouse movement is captured and not the real position. Now X only returns the real position.
This Bug is a dependance of X (If I got it right). Since this Bug appeared people worked around this Bug by improving dirty hacks (by calculating mouse movement using weird? code), and maintaining them. And when Possible to make them switchable.

Now Vitaliy Margolen actively stopped the maintenance of this workarounds (in the bug called dirty hacks.), by marking the patches obsolete and changing title.

The Bug exist since 2009 - 12 - 06. And has a long thread.

I understand the move of Margolen here. For that you need to look at the Bug history (clicky: And I dont put blame on his move. But for this Bug wine needs another political solution. Just stopping people to write hacks, dirty or not will stop people reaching in more and more patches. This sole incident wont have an effect on hole development but most bugs I followed started with a dirty hack. And this is definitely giving the wrong impression on wine.

What I want to say, Margolens move might be technical right, but is political pretty lame. Atm I don't see any ability that the bug will be proper fixed.

1) I Xorg may implement the Problem or may not. Maybe they are even not aware(? - Haven't took a look) The Bug-tracking in wine does not contain a Link to the Bug-tracking in Xorg.
2) I am betting wine - Dev has no one working on the Bug actively.

So how can we get a proper Fix or point people towards proper fixes?
Is it right to have no Dirty Hack solution which just works?
Do you think by stopping Hacks you will encourage development in what (you) think is the right solution?
Where is the Xorg Link for this Problem since it is a problem interesting wine but maybe not Xorg?

Before anyone asks, I don't have the Time to solve this Bug. Nor I do believe does any one of the "dirty" hackers. Or they had done it Proper by now.

Thanks Listening, hope you got the  Problem I want to address.

I am not on the list since I develop nothing for wine. I would it appreciate it a lot, if I could stay with the discussion by keeping my email address in CC

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