wine rejects development (Mouse "escapes" window or is confined to an area in the full screen program NO HACKS PLEASE)

Ben Klein shacklein at
Mon Dec 7 20:23:08 CST 2009

2009/12/8 Peter Kovacs <legine at>:
> I think Austin is right, stopping Hacks would slow down development.
> And we need people hacking.

Bugzilla is not the right place for hacks. There is a wine-hacks
repository (naturally, completely unsupported by WineHQ). If a hack
developer wants the hack to be considered seriously, wine-patches is
the place to send it.

> There are some Ideas about splitting Hacks from patches. I think this maybe an aproach
> to solve this. Lets see:
-- snip --
> Thinking on it, it may be better put into a maintained Wikki with different Sections to go on.

Wiki has been suggested for AppDB before. It's not a solution there
and it's certainly not an appropriate bug tracker.

A wiki replacing bugzilla would need a *lot* more man-power from the
developers/maintainers to make sure the bug pages remain relevant to
the bug. It would also require all the admins to have in-depth
knowledge of all facets of the bugs they are maintaining. For
something like this Xinput/mouse issue, that basically means someone
who's working on the Xi2 driver. For the DIB engine, it's virtually

> Closed Discussions can be deleted.

This does not account for regressions.

> If some real approach is found all Info can be back posted into Bugzilla by some "Officer".
> With that a solution is accepted and likely to enter the main tree when ready.
> The Idea seems to be quite flexible, but maybe it won't be structured enough. Which means
> more work for Maintainers (I would install community maintainers :( *sight* Maybe that Idea
> is not good enough, what do you think?

The problem here is that community maintainers are much less likely to
understand the bugs than the devleopers. For AppDB, it's ideal, as
maintainers are people who run the apps and know what to expect. For
Bugzilla (or any other bug tracker), only developers can be truly
effective maintainers - and not just any developers, but devlopers who
have or are working on related components.

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