Cruft left behind by tests

Maarten Lankhorst m.b.lankhorst at
Wed Dec 9 06:02:52 CST 2009


2009/12/9 Greg Geldorp <ggeldorp at>:
> During WineConf we briefly discussed files/registry keys left behind by running winetest.exe on Windows machines. I promised to look at that and then promptly forgot about it. Anyway, this is the list of files that get left behind when running the tests on a WinXP machine:
> ...
> HKCU\Software\Microsoft\ActiveMovie\devenum\{083863F1-70DE-11D0-BD40-00A0C911CE86}\{8DE0E022-0111-43BA-9227-175BA62326EC}
> HKCU\Software\Microsoft\ActiveMovie\devenum\{4EFE2452-168A-11D1-BC76-00C04FB9453B}\Default MidiOut Device
> HKCU\Software\Microsoft\ActiveMovie\devenum\{E0F158E1-CB04-11D0-BD4E-00A0C911CE86}\Default DirectSound Device
> HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Multimedia\msacm.msgsm610
> HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Multimedia\ActiveMovie

Running the devenum tests leaves some cached info there, not much we
can do about it..

One thing I wonder about though, are the keys I mentioned persistent?
Or are they gone after a reboot?


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