Test suite under Intel drivers

Jaime Rave jaimerave at ubuntu-co.com
Wed Dec 9 20:08:52 CST 2009

Hi wine devs, I'm writing you to ask some help to try to fix the the Wine
test suite under the Intel drivers. I have already fill a bug with
freedesktop but they are asking for some wine devs to give them some openGL
test to add it to the piglit testcases.

The bug is: http://bugs.freedesktop.org/show_bug.cgi?id=25432

Some words from the bug:

"There are probably some actual bugs in our OpenGL, and there may also be
bugs in the testcase. What it'll take to fix it is somebody (probably Wine
developers/fans) isolating some OpenGL testcases for inclusion in piglit
that will catch the bugs that this D3D test is hitting in OpenGL."

Thanks in advance for your help.

Jaime Rave Torres
Ingeniero de Sistemas
Miembro de la Fundación de Software Libre de Colombia
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