Leaks galore!

Dan Kegel dank at kegel.com
Thu Dec 10 10:58:30 CST 2009

On Wed, Dec 9, 2009 at 9:51 PM, James Hawkins <truiken at gmail.com> wrote:
>> Some of the remaining reported errors in msi are probably my
>> fault - I'm running them in parallel.
> I was wondering why you were getting so many msi test failures and
> errors!  Now I know.  Yes, the msi tests can't be run in parallel,
> even on windows.

The only whitelisted msi tests were source and record; I've removed
them from the whitelist, see

Updated results (with yesterday's git) are at
As expected, there are few differences except in one file,
where nearly all the errors are gone, there's just one leak left in that file:

Before: 289 non-leak errors, 981 leak errors.
After:   266 non-leak errors, 982 leak errors.

Most of the errors are in these few files:

vg-kernel32_change.txt    29
vg-rpcrt4_ndr_marshall.txt    29
vg-ntdll_heap.txt    31
vg-ntdll_reg.txt    33
vg-oleaut32_vartest.txt    39
vg-riched20_txtsrv.txt    39
vg-shell32_shlfileop.txt    40
vg-user32_dde.txt    48
vg-msi_db.txt    76
vg-secur32_ntlm.txt    79
vg-riched20_editor.txt    88
vg-jscript_run.txt    239

Those ntdll_heap results (soon to move to kernel32_heap) are all expected
and I will suppress them in the next tally.
- Dan

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