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Julius Schwartzenberg julius.schwartzenberg at gmail.com
Fri Dec 25 13:46:39 CST 2009


I still have some fixes for avifile here, but because they are quite 
nasty, I thought it'd be useful to have proper tests to show the fixes 
are really correct.

Unfortunately there is still a problem with the avifile tests as Detlef 
indicated in this mail:

Based on Detlef's patch however, I was able to create an initial patch 
which should provide the base for the tests I want to add.
I have attached it here.

The idea of the tests is that I write out a complete AVI file with the 
stdio functions and then read it back in using the VFW API and test the 
values in the different headers through the API. Later tests will change 
the values of the default headers and test how this affects the headers 
when they are being read back in. (I discovered Windows' avifil32 
overrides some headers with values from other headers, there is some 
more info in my previous mails.)

The inlining structure of the current header file is now actually based 
on the RIFF tree in the AVI file. Is this useful or should I just use 
plain indentation? Should the avi file data really be put in an extra 
header or should it be merged with api.c? What do you think of the 
general idea of the tests?

Thanks a lot in advance for your feedback!
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