Tango Icons (Almost) Ready to Go!!

André Hentschel nerv at dawncrow.de
Thu Dec 31 10:31:45 CST 2009

Joel Holdsworth schrieb:
> For this reason I think the best thing would be for me to tidy up my
> project directory and upload it as a tarball somewhere. There's enough
> source material there so that someone could come and adjust the icons -
> even it's not as elegant as having it tied into the build process.

ftp://ftp.winehq.org/pub/ would be a good solution.

> Another question: When the time comes, what would be the best way to
> submit the icons? I have 36 patches each of which is going to be many
> kilobytes. Will the wine-patches mailing list take such large
> attachments? Would it be easier to send you a git pull request from my
> gitorious repo?

At wineconf2009 we learned that there is something like a "patch-hole" in may, so that there are very less patches and it would be the best time to submit big patchsets :)
But maybe we are already in codefreeze till then, i dont know.


Best Regards, André Hentschel

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