faultrep:display useful information in ReportFault

Jérôme Gardou jerome.gardou at gmail.com
Mon Feb 23 13:13:21 CST 2009

Mikołaj Zalewski a écrit :
> Jérôme Gardou pisze:
>> Let's rephrase it : most bug reporters expect the console log to be 
>> useful for developers willing to fix their problem :-)
>  Maybe I should have made it clear - I think that your patch, even in 
> the first version, was a step forward :).
>  As for the second patch, Alexandre doesn't like when we export some 
> wine-specific functions from DLLs. On the other hand, kernel32 is 
> always builtin, so the main argument against it (that it will break if 
> someone uses a native DLL) is not present, so maybe it could be 
> accepted. But it's Alexandre who can answer it.
> Mikołaj
Well, launching winedbg instead of printing incomplete information is, 
IMHO, the best way to make something useful, and, as you said it, 
kernel32 is always builtin, as ntdll, and faultrep is too close of the 
system internals to be a totally winapiesque dll. After all, kernel32 
already exports a few wine_* functions.

To be honest, I'd really like to have an opinion about this patch before 
sending it and being silently rejected.

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