appdb issue: can't search for apps platinum on 1.0.x!

Ben Klein shacklein at
Wed Feb 25 18:31:36 CST 2009

2009/2/26 Dan Kegel <dank at>:
> Our currently released version is 1.0, but the appdb's
> browse feature acts as if that version no longer exists.
> This will seriously confuse newcomers who are using
> the 1.0.1 version (e.g. anybody who installs a fresh
> copy of Ubuntu!).
> To fix this, we should add 1.0 (or 1.0.1) back into the search box in

Someone mentioned on another thread (or possibly on IRC, I don't
recall) that 1.0-series is too old to be of concern to us. We don't
want test data for 1.0.x; we don't want bug reports for 1.0.x unless
they're still apparent in the development version. Development has
stopped on 1.0.x.

The problem is that 1.0.1 is not actually "stable" in that it doesn't
crash/runs lots of apps. It's "stable" in that the code doesn't
change, kind of like Debian Stable. If a massive security issue (like
a rootkit) becomes apparent in 1.0.1, I'm pretty sure we want to know
about that, but in general, if it can be fixed by upgrading to 1.1.x,
then that's what you should do.

There have been plenty of cases in #winehq where users have some
problem with 1.0.1 (Warcraft 3 appears to be a popular candidate).
When they upgrade to 1.1.15, suddenly it starts working. Are there
even any winehq-supplied binary packages for any distro that supply
1.0.1 by default? Scott's Ubuntu packages are the dev versions, though
1.0.1 is accessible through his archives; my Debian packages only go
back to about 1.1.12 or so.

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