Wine being targeted for adware

Stefan Dösinger stefan at
Thu Jan 15 17:22:41 CST 2009

> > What works only in a very limited fashion is using Windows apps to
> protect
> > the Linux system. You can use a virus scanner to do a manual check
> over your
> > drives, but scan-file-on-open features will likely fail.
> >
> There has been demand to implement a ClamAV powered on-access file scan
> within Wine.  That should fill that niche nicely, and also more
> elegantly since we don't have to run a Wine process to check the Wine
> system.  This has the added benefit of making it harder to compromise
> the virus checker itself, especially since that can then reside outside
> the user's home folder.  In a very real way, we could handle Windows
> security better than Windows.
Actually, what I wanted to say is that you can't use a Windows virus scanner in Wine and expect it to cry wolf when you open e.g. a bad document with the Linux version of OpenOffice.

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