suggestions about MacOS DYLD_FALLBACK_LIBRARY_PATH patch

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Juan Lang wrote: >Another way of looking at the error is that MacPorts (and
fink, I >presume) instal...
There's confusion here: The problem here is not with MacPorts or Fink.
I have neither of them on my system. Just MacOS, some developer packages
from Mac's install DVD, X11User.pkg from this DVD, XQuartz and
Wine compiled myself (+ SuspiciousPackage.pkg, admitedly).
That's all it takes to run into trouble.

Kronenberg and MacPorts set DYLD_FALLBACK_*, Fink sets LD_LIBRARY_PATH
to work around the issue.

>it's just an error in your configuration.
I strongly disagree. Points can be made that it's either
an error A) in Wine or B) at the system level.
But it's never C) the user's.

Here are the arguments:

A) An application whose ./configure manages to detect and use
  should ensure that those detected paths also work at run-time.
 Maybe autoconf needs a patch?
 Maybe there's a need for a to get filled with the X_LIBS

B) The Mac must ensure that all X apps work fine at "system level" - for
  all users. Not including /usr/X11/lib into the default path looks like
  a major goof from Apple.
  Or they should provide means to remember default path (e.g. on Solaris,
  -Lpath for shared libraries is not only a link-time indication, it's
  remembered for run-time).

I'll look into B) should this issue persist after I'll be back from

       Jörg Höhle
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