Doing better than barely keeping up with bug reports - Bug Daythis Monday (July 20)

Scott Ritchie scott at
Sat Jul 18 00:59:56 CDT 2009

Austin English wrote:
> On Fri, Jul 17, 2009 at 10:28 PM, Dmitry
> Timoshkov<dmitry at> wrote:
>> "Scott Ritchie" <scott at> wrote:
>>> I'll blog about this and post a few forum threads as well.  I wanted to
>>> see how wine-devel would act last night before I went to sleep - suffice
>>> to say it's already interesting!
>> I think it's a matter of the fact that only Wine developers can
>> fix Wine bugs. Another fact is that real Wine developers already
>> are working on Wine bugs, and have their own bug lists to work
>> on, and their own working time schedule and priorities. That said,
>> assigning an arbitrary day for bug hunting by a user who can't
>> really help in fixing Wine bugs looks really not helpful at all
>> to me, especially without a prior discussion of that on wine-devel
>> list.
> I don't think Scott's intending for random users to fix wine bugs, but
> rather to verify that bugs still exist, check if download links are
> current, etc.
> Besides, if it recruits new developers, that wouldn't hurt :-).

Precisely Austin.

I'm sorry if it wasn't clear in my original email, but the intent isn't
to distract Wine developers from doing their work.  It's to save them
time by triaging bugs for them.

The entire point of Bugzilla is to help developers find what to work on,
so if you've already got something to do go right ahead.  There's no
reason someone who can be implementing functions should be downloading
and retesting applications from six month old bug reports - that's what
the community is for!

Scott Ritchie

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