Removing active maintainers

Ken Sharp kennybobs at
Thu Jun 25 20:24:31 CDT 2009

Austin English wrote:
> On Thu, Jun 25, 2009 at 8:06 PM, Vitaliy
> Margolen<wine-devel at> wrote:
>> Ken Sharp wrote:
>>> Because it's bloody obvious or THEY [comments] WOULDN'T BE REMOVED LONG BEFORE I
>> I've never seen anything on wine-devel / wine-forum / front page
>> / wiki about removing old comments until one day I got 100 or so
>> notifications of comments removed by you. And message threatening to remove
>> all maintainers if they don't remove old comments themselves...
>> I wouldn't call this an official means of communications and discussing
>> wholesale changes. If you think that old comments must be removed, you
>> should ask first interested parties on at least wine-devel if there are any
>> objections/comments/etc. You failed to do so.
> Everyone, let's calm down please. We're all adults here (or so I hope...).
> As far as 'official guidelines', there is:
> but it doesn't have any timelines/etc. Perhaps we should focus energy
> on that instead of arguing on bugzilla.

The scripts remove idle maintainers after eight days.  Vitaliy, along 
with many others, would have been removed long before now if they had 
been working.

Instead, maintainers get the names of the admin removing them, and then 
"they" complain about that person directly.

Let me say this, yet again, maintainers would have been removed long 
before now had the scripts been running correctly.

Alexander added that he will email Jeremy (sorry, I don't know who you 
are) to check why the scripts aren't running.

I will add this again.  Vitaliy, along with others, will have been 
removed automatically long before now.

The problem here is with the script, but there is a bug open for that.

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