Corrections for signal handlers

Vitaliy Margolen wine-devel at
Sat Nov 28 13:39:13 CST 2009

Don't CC wine-patches.

Markus Elfring wrote:
>> Original printed more useful information.
>> Just dropping it in sake of "correctness" is wrong.
>> You'll have to come up with something that prints the same
>> or don't touch it.
> I am aware of the desire to get some data for easier program debugging conveniently.
> I have got an opposite opinion. I am curious if more software developers would like to care for complete async-signal-safety.
> This will not happen at the moment because of conflicting expectations.
> I assume that the involved implementation details will be reconsidered some day in the future.

So basically you saying:
I don't care what you had in there, and I don't care how useful that
information was to you. I care about some highly hypothetical error cases
that might never happen in your program but just because theoretically they
can happen I'll remove some code that looks wrong.

And don't ask me to actually think about what I'm doing, it's too hard to
figure out how to print a string and a number without using printf(). So
I'll leave that to you to code.

No wonder you receive such a "welcome" from other projects you've tried to
"improve" before.


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