Nikolay Sivov bunglehead at
Mon Oct 12 10:53:15 CDT 2009

kumaresan c wrote:
> Thanks.
> You are right. As per that code there is no need to create DSN.
>        But I can't access even by creating DSN under wine and modify 
> the connection code as follows
>        "DSN=ForLinux; User Id=sa; Password=kumaresan"
>         Ok, How to check whether the provider(oledb) works?
>         or else What should I do to install oledb provider?
> --Kumaresan
I'm not sure it will work through DSNs cause it requires some system 
support beside providers.
You should install mdac as you did, and possibly override all oledb 
related modules, please
use Wine user support forum for such questions, 
wine-devel isn't used for support.

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