Game Engine

Ben Klein shacklein at
Sat Sep 5 20:24:38 CDT 2009

2009/9/6 Keith Muir <keith.muir at>:
> Hi,
> The Total war engine continues to bounce between garbage and silver never
> rising above that level given the installed user base would it be worth
> devoting more time to fixing the problems wine has with this? as of 1.29 its
> freezing and unusable. Wine project has to prioritize but success drives the
> project when people hear they can now do this or that that they couldn't
> before everyone is inspired its a virtuous circle.

Wine tends not to focus on individual applications when developing,
however anyone is welcome to submit a patch that gets "their"
application working, as long as it's not a poorly-designed hack that
breaks other stuff or does things in the "wrong" way.

I'm also not sure what game you're referring to here; "Medieval 2:
Total War" appears to work quite well, though the other Total War
games don't seem to fair quite as well.

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