Game Engine

Ben Klein shacklein at
Sun Sep 6 02:55:30 CDT 2009

2009/9/6 Keith Muir <keith.muir at>:
> My understanding is that all Total War games work off the Rome Total War
> engine and you are correct the wine project under no circumstances should it
> focus on individual applications. That said if there is a game engine which
> several games use in this case fixing the problems the engine has will fix
> multiple games. So the justification is there. Also I am the maintainer for
> Medieval II and no it doest work well.

Patches are welcome, but it's very unlikely that the main development
team will be able to spend time/effort fixing problems for a single
game (or series of games). If coding for Wine is not your forte, there
are other things you can do to try to get bugs fixed. At the very
least, if there are no relevant reports on, you can
report the bugs. If the games are toggling between Garbage and Silver,
then regression tests would be useful.

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