Wine users with a CD-ROM drive, please test

paulo lesgaz jeremielapuree at
Fri Aug 6 06:40:30 CDT 2010

Here is my result on a real Vista box using the CD: Police -Greatest hits

mcicda.c:270: CD length 67:55:74
mcicda.c:275: Test failed: status position initially 00:02:33
mcicda.c:280: Test failed: status position start 00:02:33
mcicda.c:314: Test failed: status position initially 2441ms
mcicda.c:325: track #1 length 192667ms
mcicda.c:392: Tests skipped: Got no mixed data+audio CD.
mcicda.c:410: last track length: 04m:12s:27frames
mcicda.c:418: last track position: 63m:46s:05frames
mcicda.c:425: Test failed: SEEK to 00203A43 position last + length: 
mcicda.c:436: Test failed: PLAY from 1 notify: MCIERR_HARDWARE
mcicda.c:439: Tests skipped: Cannot manage to play track 1.
mcicda: 64 tests executed (0 marked as todo, 5 failures), 2 skipped.


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Envoyé le : Ven 6 août 2010, 11h 24min 55s
Objet : Wine users with a CD-ROM drive, please test


this is my second call for participation, as only Jeff Zaroyko responded to the 
first one.

I wrote a testsuite for mcicda (play music from CD-ROM using the MCI).
Wine's testbot job #4330 at
contains both a patch and binary of what I'd initially want to test about 

solely lacking compatibility fixes that testing on YOUR machine will show to be 

Please download the executable or compile the patch and execute it in 
mcicda_test.exe mcicda
mcicda.c:270: CD length 69:23:66
mcicda.c:325: track #1 length 989547ms
mcicda.c:375: track #1 length: 16m:29s:41frames
mcicda.c:410: last track length: 03m:28s:19frames
mcicda.c:418: last track position: 65m:57s:47frames
mcicda: 112 tests executed (0 marked as todo, 0 failures), 0 skipped.

BTW, I wrote patches to make all these tests succeed in Wine. Before
submission, I'd appreciate some more test data.

Thank you for your participation,
Jörg Höhle

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