[PATCH 1/1] gameux/tests: verifying registry values created by GameExplorer (try 4)

Octavian Voicu octavian.voicu at gmail.com
Sun Aug 29 11:33:32 CDT 2010

2010/8/29 Mariusz Pluciński <vshader at gmail.com>:
> Could you tell me is there proper way to tell make to track changes in my
> custom file? Expected effect is running wrc while build if there was
> modification in my .gdf.xml file (currently, it is started only if .rc file
> was modified). Of course, Makefiles in Wine are auto-generated, so the
> solution would add code only to Makefile.in file.

You need to add a @makedep directive in gameux/tests/rsrc.rc:

/* @makedep: test.gdf.xml */
ID_GDF_XML          DATA          "test.gdf.xml"

This should include test.gdf.xml as a dependency for rsrc.res in the
automatically generated Makefile. See dlls/cards/cards.rc for more


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