msvcrt:string Fix codepage table 1361 (Korean Johab)

GOUJON Alexandre ale.goujon at
Tue Aug 31 05:01:53 CDT 2010

On 08/31/2010 11:20 AM, Dmitry Timoshkov wrote:
> Windows uses an older Unicode specification, that's pretty normal that
> and Windows data differ in some places. There is no need
> to change the mapping unless there is an application that depends on it
Thanks for your answer.
You've done great things on wine for a long time and fixed plenty of 
bugs (again, thanks) but ... how can you say that (the last sentence) ?
I don't want to offense you, I'm no one, and I don't say that just to be 
mean .. but there won't be any problem until an application rely on it.
And that's wine is for : provide an implementation of win32 API, mimic 
windows behavior (and its bugs).

I can't help wine with crypto/gdi/d3d stuff so I'm looking for todo_wine 
I can solve and I can fix this one.
As always, I understood what was wrong and proposed a patch to
1) remove todo_wine (statistically, wine is now more windows-compliant )
2) correct wine behavior
3) prevent (maybe close) bugs

Why do you want me not to fix a potential bug ?

Anyway, I'll try to read and try to understand what I can do 
with it.

I'm open-minded and ready to discuss / understand  and change if needed.

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