Death to win9x?

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>> However, this only allows to run one test at a time, i.e. the big picture is missing.
>> Therefore I'd suggest running winetest.exe on all testbot machines once a week
>> or some such, e.g. only for releases.
>That's not useful. The whole point is that we don't want to spend the
>effort required to keep the tests error-free on platforms that we don't
>care about. That makes it easier to write tests for platforms that
>actually matter, which is a more productive use of everybody's time.
YOU might not care about them AJ, but we have Wine users that are still using Windows95 programs with Wine on Linux and there are NO suitable replacements for them.  Several recent user reports have asked how do I get program X (released for Windows95) to work on Wine.  One of my test programs is dOOmII, released in 1996 and I use Wine to run it.  Should I just go out and find a copy of Windows98SE and VirtualBox to run this on?  Your reply makes it sound like the Wine program just does not care if Windows9x functionality does not matter, it does.

I do agree that not much effort should be expended to incorporate more 'A' functionality, but breaking what does work is not reflect well on this project.  Remember the original purpose and I think it is still the purpose is to build out the ENTIRE Windows64/32 API, not just a portion of it.

If I'm wrong, feel free to chastise me.

James McKenzie

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