Game engines and wine

Dan Kegel dank at
Sat Feb 13 22:26:15 CST 2010

The use of game engines has increased quite a bit
over the last couple years; there are now something
like 250 that support Windows.  (And maybe five to ten
that are important commercially.)

It's tempting to consider focusing some effort on
supporting a few of them better in Wine, on the
theory that then games built with those engines
would stand a better chance of running on Wine.

The two main commercial ones with freely
downloadable SDKs that I know about are Unity3D
( )
and Unreal
( Unreal's UDK requires .net 3.5, so it can't be installed at the moment ).

Looks like Unity3D is close to working, according to the appdb.
I'm afraid to guess how long it'll be before we can even install
Unreal's UDK...

I've written up a few notes and links on the subject at
- Dan

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